how to fix window tint

How to Fix Window Tint Bubbles

Window tint bubbles? In this situation, if you applied the tint yourself and it didn’t turn out the way you were expecting, no worries, mistakes happen. On the other hand, probably your car windows were done professionally. Still, the tint is too old, and

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how to remove window tint

How to Remove Window Tint

In general, you don’t have to be a professional to remove that old window tint. You will be surprised how much money you can save when compared to a car shop. The tinted windows are excellent. Unfortunately, it has a lifespan. Over time tint

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how to tint car windows image

How to Tint Car Windows

In General, You don’t have to be a professional to tint car windows yourself. But there is no surprise most people still choose to bring their car to a shop for a professional service, which can cost up to 2x of the price of

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