how to fix window tint

How to Fix Window Tint Bubbles

Window tint bubbles? In this situation, if you applied the tint yourself and it didn’t turn out the way you were expecting, no worries, mistakes happen. On the other hand, probably your car windows were done professionally. Still, the tint is too old, and it’s out of warranty. Either way, there is a way to fix it. The most common issues are air bubbles, water bubbles, creases, hair, fibers, and contamination.

 A recommended piece of advice is to get your car outside on a sunny day to find those imperfections on your car windows easily. If you can’t repair it or are too many bubbles, you probably have no choice but to remove/replace the window tint. Finally, This video will guide you through obtaining the best results.

Supplies Needed

  • Heat gun
  • Contour squeegee
  • Chizler tool
  • Microfiber towel
  • Glass Cleaner