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How to Tint Car Windows

In General, You don’t have to be a professional to tint car windows yourself. But there is no surprise most people still choose to bring their car to a shop for a professional service, which can cost up to 2x of the price of a DIY kit.

Many people have already tinted windows, making those cars very attractive. Moreover, We will go deep into the benefits of tinted windows:


Adding window tint to your vehicle can reduce the glare of sunlight and make the appearance look clean.


The window film creates a more comfortable environment for the vehicle. In summer, the tint of the windows will reduce the car’s temperature by 60%; therefore, it won’t be so hot when entering. Tinted windows can significantly impact driving performance, reducing sun glare and eye fatigue.

UV Protection

A great benefit is UV ray protection, which can help protect from ultraviolet radiation and help protect your car’s interior from cracking or fading and looking worn-out. 


window tint makes it more difficult to see valuables in the car.


Another great benefit is the level of privacy, which can prevent someone who walks by to peer inside or see who is driving.


Before we into the process of how to tint your car windows, You must know the tint percentage permitted in your state. Car window tinting comes in all different levels, from barely clear to very dark.

There are many reasons you want to have tinted windows. This video will help you achieve your car windows to look majestic beautiful, with a budget of no more than $100.

14 Tools needed to Tint your Car Windows

  1. Film
  2. Glass cleaner
  3. Blue Rubber Squeegee
  4. Cutter with stainless blade
  5. Sharpie
  6. Scrub pad
  7. Triangle edge squeegee card
  8. Block squeegee card (any plastic card should work)
  9. Angle window squeegee
  10. Scrapper
  11. Microfiber
  12. Spray Water bottle
  13. Soap
  14. Tape measure